Examination of the alignment and movement patterns of the body

Biomechanical analysis

Ms Bergadaa, Osteopath, is specialised in carrying out in-depth assessments of the alignment and movement patterns of the body. Everyone moves differently, based on a multitude of factors ranging from age, height, background, activities, past injuries. Therefore, your osteopath will develop a personalised treatment plan based on the observations of your posture and movement. 

Dysfunction and injury can arise from a biomechanical abnormality or imbalance. Our bodies are naturally designed to compensate and adapt to minor changes in our structure. For example, a low grade sprained ankle might alter the way you put pressure on the foot, leading to an altered load in the knee, creating an imbalance in the muscles surrounding the knee and ultimately restricting the range of motion at the knee, which can contribute to early wear and tear.

Consulting an osteopath about biomechanical analysis could be beneficial to alleviate the pain due to postural imbalances but also to improve your technique in a particular sport. The earlier one seeks intervention from a therapist, the easier it is to correct any dysfunction and prevent chronicity of symptoms.

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