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Clinical Pilates sessions taught on the full range of Pilates machines

Exercise rehabilitation and programming is given to most patients as a continuation of the treatments received in the clinic. This is a key part of your management plan, as it helps to enhance the manual treatment, and bridge the gaps between follow-up sessions. A thorough and expertly designed exercise programme is at the heart of self-management: the more you own your recovery and know how to manage your healing process, the better the outcome.

Some of the benefits gained from exercise rehabilitation include:

  • Regaining muscle strength and endurance

  • Restoring joint flexibility

  • Improving proprioception (sense of awareness of your joints in space) and balance

  • Preventing recurrence of further injuries

  • Restoring confidence in physical ability

  • Acceleration the progression of recovery

Claire will be able to guide and facilitate your rehabilitation programme, and adapt it to the exact specificities of your injury, and your body's unique capabilities and limitations. Most importantly, she will give you specific instructions regarding the frequency and intensity of exercises to perform. In the acute stages of your injury, the focus of rehabilitation is on gentle movements and isometric work. The body experiences an inflammation phase with new tissue being laid down to repair the damage. Without advice, you might be rushing through this phase, which can lead to more damage. Once past the acute phases of your injury, the body continues to repair the damages, and you will be given progressive strengthening exercises, combined with gentle stretches. Towards the later stages, you will be given general functional exercises, to achieve full recovery and prevent the recurrence of symptoms

Claire uses an interactive software with videos and descriptions for each carefully chosen exercise. The software allows you to give feedback on your progress; you can ask questions, rate your pain levels. This ensures you receive exceptional patient care, beyond the treatments received in the consulting room.


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