Joint Mobilisation

Expert passive physical manipulation of joints, to improve range of motion, reduce acute or chronic restrictions and relieve pain.

Your body is designed to move, and your joints are healthy when they are able to move through all their inherent and intended ranges of motion. Many capsular and ligamentous adhesions form as a result of an injury and subsequently as a result of disuse of the joint. A common example involves the shoulder with a rotator cuff tear. If not treated immediately, you may simply choose to not use the affected shoulder because raising it is too painful. As healing tissue forms, the new fibres are laid down too closely and with sub-optimal elasticity because the joint is not being moved in all its natural ranges of motion. Compensations and immobilisation of a joint do not allow for optimal joint nutrition and lubrication associated with movement.

Claire uses joint mobilisation techniques to restore joint restrictions, specifically capsular restrictions, and breaking adhesions. ​Joint mobilisation techniques can be performed not only to restore motion but also to provide a neurophysiologic effect that reduces pain and muscle spasms. Joint manipulation will be followed by stretching and soft tissue massage to gain motion and thereafter active range of motion movements to control the newly gained motion.

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