Mixing it up!

Let's banish to word "exercise" and replace it by "movement". "Exercise" sounds like a chore, a forced obligation, whereas "movement" is what our bodies are designed to do; a natural, instinctive, organic sense of freedom.

Mixing it up by choosing to cycle to work once a week

Let's embrace movement, it can be anything and everywhere if we become more aware of our bodies. You can incorporate movement in your daily life such as walking up the escalators, taking the long route to get coffee, having a dance off in the kitchen, standing on one foot whilst brushing your teeth...

Most importantly, if you are into one specific type of sport, you will reap the benefits of partaking in other sports! Our bodies tend to go to the path of least resistance. Hence, mixing it up with several other forms of movement will "surprise" your body out of its comfort zone. The neuromuscular system needs to be regularly "shaken" in order to create new pathways. For example, I love Pilates and rock climbing, but I also like to play golf, cycle, dance, run, sometimes I will hit a spinning class (this Monday morning at 8am to start my week on a high @1Rebel), or join a yoga class, and some weeks, I will just listen to my body if it feels sore and do a little less, and enjoy a long walk in the park instead.

Motivational Monday Mantra at 1Rebel spinning class to start the week with a surge of energy!

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